Nail Stamping Plates - Available Now - High Demand - 2- 5 working days despatch!

How to use Miss Lucy UK stamping plates

Nail stamping is a great way to create intricate and detailed art work like hand painted art but in seconds. Saving time per client without lowering your standards.  

The process of stamping is simple:

1. Simply apply polish to your chosen image on the plate

2. Holding your scraper card at a 45 degree angle, gently scrape the excess polish over the design 

3. Using your stamper head pick up the image with a rocking motion. From 1 side to the other across the image. Ensure to take off any excess design on your stamper that you do not want to transfer to the nail.

4. Now that your design is transferred to the stamper. Stamp the image onto the nail using a smooth rolling motion. 

5. Clean your plate using pure acetone and a lint free wipe

"Voila" There you have it a beautifully intricate nail design that looks hand painted and created in seconds.

Miss Lucy UK is an indie brand that launched in March 2020, and is solely created and owned by Lucy. 

100% Made in UK 

Own unique illustrated designs

Highest quality medical grade steel

Sturdy, longer lasting, high quality & polished to perfection

The first UK manufactured stamping plates! 

Made in England