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Check Your Chest Stamping Plate

Check Your Chest Stamping Plate

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Our beautiful boobie plate was created to help bring awareness of Breast Cancer across the world with inclusive boobs all shapes and sizes. Celebrating those who’ve fought, won or lost their battle. 

Our plate contains all different boob illustrations, including scars and stitches for those whom may have had to have theirs surgically removed. 

We also added some lace and various bras and of course not forgetting the very well know tickled pink ribbon. 

Helping to make checking our chest a part of our daily routine. 🎀💕


Creator of the first UK manufactured stamping plate. Made from the highest medical grade stainless steel

Perfect for long and short nails.

This plate would also be great for creating nail decals and reverse stamping. 

Our plates are versatile and the design options are endless. 

MissLucyUK stamping plates do not have a backing. This is because our plates are very durable. They are made from high quality medical grade steel about 1mm in thickness. Our plates do not bend and will not break if dropped. Our plates are heavier than most to give stability when stamping. 

Size 75 mm 

Various image sizes 

We recommend keeping your plates in a plate holder, this is also handy for easy access to flick through all your plate designs. 

Miss Lucy UK stamping plate designs have a theme and a nail design in mind. Each plate has been carefully created and put together with design inspiration laid out, to make it simple to create the perfect design. 

Easy to use for both beginners and experienced nail artists.

Care Instructions

Clean your plates with pure acetone and a lint free wipe. We recommend using a plastic scraper to prolong the life of the plate and to avoid any scratches.